One Goal Two Wizards


Mutate Music is the music production and coordination duo of Paul Jones, a Technical Production, Mixing and Mastering expert, and John Taylor, a compositional and instrumental virtuoso. It was born when the two came together, the conversation went something like this

Paul: “I’m not the best composer, I mean I can do it, but I’m slow. Mixing and mastering, I’m really good at that, spent most my life obsessing about it and developing techniques” John: “ I’m really good at writing music, structuring and being innovative, but the mixing part really gets in the way of my creative flow” Paul: “well, why don’t you just let all your ideas just flow, don’t worry about the mixing and production, I’ll do that

The rest is history. As a result from concept to final product mutate music creates unique and exceptional music. Don’t believe the hype, check out our catalogue and find out for yourself.